Ref.# AF107
Tribe: Makonde / Mawia
Country: Tanzania
Size: 19x22 27x24cm
Description: Early carved helmet masks soft wood, blackened,(scarification marks) human hair (1) coll. 1920's
Price: $2800 USD
Ref.# AF109
Tribe: Fang
Country: Gabon
Size: 51cm
Description: Very fine and rare Fang dagger. Woven wire, wood and steel.
Price: P.O.A

$2800 USD

Ref.# AF110
Tribe: Benin
Country: Nigeria
Size: 38cm*
Description: Finely carved Hippo ivory teeth old metal caps on bases German coll.
Price: $4500 USD
Ref.# AF111
Country: Nigeria
Size: 55cm
Description: Shango staff, 19th c, wood
Price: SOLD
Ref.# AF114
Tribe: BemiLeki
Country: Camaroon
Size: 34cm x 36cm
Description: Early wooden finely carved stool c.1920
Price: SOLD
Ref.# AF115
Tribe: Ngombe (Bakoi, Makoyi)
Country: Congo
Size: 134cm x 42cm
Description: Woven basketry, wooden frame and grip board. c.1900
Price: SOLD
Ref.# AF117
Tribe: Yaka
Country: Zaire
Size: 20.5cm & 19.5cm
Description: A pair of wood/cloth fetish statues
Price: SOLD
Additional: More Info
Ref.# AF118
Tribe: Igbo
Country: Nigeria
Size: 38cm x 16cm
Description: Rare Igbo mask with white and black pigments, fabric costume still attached, 19thc.. Wood felt linen.
Price: SOLD
Ref.# AF119
Tribe: Jalinga
Country: Cameroon
Size: 27.5cm
Description: Brass male & female statues
Price: SOLD
Additional: Rare items
Ref.# AF121
Tribe: Ibo
Country: Nigeria
Size: 123cm
Description: Large standing ibo figure
Price: $2950 USD
Additional: More Images of full statue avalible on request
Ref.# AF123
Tribe: Arussi
Country: Kenya
Size: 74x74cm
Description: Shield
Price: SOLD